Our Story

Founded in June 2002, Vesalius Ventures is dedicated to “accelerating the future of medicine” by becoming the premier conduit for enabling technologies that transform healthcare.  Vesalius Ventures is in a unique position to access emerging technologies at their source and to bring exciting new opportunities to market from around the world.  Vesalius Ventures’ strategy is to utilize the expertise and experience gained over the years in medical information and technology (Telemedicine) to create a unique investment firm, concentrating on early to mid-stage companies that need both equity capital and management assistance to achieve success. 

Advances in medical technology, telecommunications and information technologies will be utilized for the delivery of healthcare.  Creating novel business opportunities, identifying novel technologies, and exploiting attractive markets opportunities with tremendous potential growth are the goals of Vesalius Ventures.

Vesalius Ventures was created through an investment of three venture and corporate partners of Vanguard Ventures, Fremont Ventures and Guidant Corporation. This group was joined a year later by Sevin Rosen Funds. During the following years of operations of the accelerator, the firm also attracted the attention of other companies looking to develop new opportunities in Telemedicine through a client relationship.  In 2008, Opal Ventures and Vesalius established a partnership to bring medical technologies from Israel and Europe to the US market. This created a unique opportunity for Vesalius to expand the investments in its portfolio.



Vanguard Ventures

Vanguard Ventures is a leading early stage venture capital firm that helps entrepreneurs build pioneering technology and life science companies. Each Vanguard partner brings hands-on entrepreneurial experience to the firm, as well as executive and venture capital backgrounds. Founded in 1981, the firm has $500 million under management, with investments focused in communications, life sciences and information technology. The firm has offices in Palo Alto, California and Houston, Texas. (www.vanguardventures.com)

Sevin Rosen Funds

Sevin Rosen Funds is a top-tier venture capital firm with a track record of funding successful companies since 1981. The partnership has consistently made early-stage investments in pioneering technologies and companies with the potential to create new markets. The partners' broad range of venture and operating experiences in successful technology companies translates into a sustained commitment and contribution to the development of the ventures funded. Compaq, Lotus, Cypress, Electronic Arts, SGI, Citrix and CIENA are representative of some of the firm's successful IPOs. The firm has offices in Dallas, Palo Alto, Austin, and San Diego. (www.srfunds.com)

Fremont Ventures

Fremont Ventures provides growth capital to experienced management teams executing scalable technology-based business models in large industries. Fremont Ventures is part of Fremont Group, a San Francisco-based private investment firm with assets under management across a broad array of asset classes www.fremontventures.com

Boston Scientific

With more than 29,000 employees and 26 manufacturing, distribution and technology centers, Boston Scientific remains true to its original mission. As the world’s largest medical device company dedicated to less-invasive medicine, Boston Scientific believes that each innovative product is the outcome of strong research and development, intelligent acquisitions, close collaboration with clinicians, outstanding operational and quality processes and a powerful global distribution channel. As a market leader in less-invasive medical devices delivering more than 15,000 products to clinicians in over 45 countries, Boston Scientific works every day to build the knowledge, processes and infrastructure it needs to identify opportunities, address new disease areas and support clinicians in advancing the practice of health care around the world. (www.bostonscientific.com)

Opal Ventures

Opal Ventures is a healthcare dedicated private equity organization, managing investment funds and building healthcare organizations. Opal Ventures is based and focused on the Israeli healthcare market. www.opalventures.com