RMD Networks

RMD Networks is an early-stage company, based in Denver, Colorado that provides secure communication networks and services to the healthcare industry. The company aims to reduce health care costs and improve quality by enabling secure and efficient information exchange.  The RMD’s Collaborative Care Solutions provide security, interoperability and automation of business processes across the healthcare community.

Monebo Technologies, Inc.

Monebo Technologies, Inc. is a private company based in Austin, Texas, and a member of the Austin Technology Incubator, a part of the IC2 Institute of the University of Texas in Austin. Monebo is a cardiac monitoring Solutions Company that develops technology to monitor, assess and predict the electrical activity of the heart. The management team has extensive experience in the cardiac device, algorithm, and wireless communication fields and is focused on providing solutions to allow patients and physicians to manage and reduce problems associated with cardiac disease.

Health Hero® Network, Inc.

Health Hero® Network, Inc. ("Health Hero" or the "Company") is a leading innovator of technology-driven chronic care management solutions based in Redwood City, CA.  Heath Hero facilitates better patient self-care in the home through personalized symptom management and health coaching, and enables health care providers to remotely monitor patients more effectively by providing timely access to patient clinical information and health status.  The Company's patented solution combines remote patient monitoring technologies, health management interactive content, clinical information databases, decision support applications, and content development tools.

LifeOnKey, Inc.

LifeOnKey, Inc., has developed a proprietary and innovative platform technology to be the infrastructure for its Internet service for Personal Health Management (PHM) based on a consumer’s health information. The company is pairing the information with smart, consumer-friendly tools that will enable people to make sound medical decisions and take action to improve their health and/or live symptom-free lives for as long as possible.  Currently, LifeOnKey™ has over 1 million registered members.  LifeOnKey™ allows authorized individuals – such as family members -- to view updated and comprehensive medical information by helping them build a virtual health view of the medical information whenever needed.  The platform is built so you have easy access to and control of ALL aspects of your health information: medical information test results, or any health data important to the client and family’s - wellbeing.