Investment Model

Goal & Strategy

The goal of Vesalius Ventures is to identify, evaluate, create and manage early to mid-stage investment opportunities in medicine. The strategy to achieving this goal is as follows:

  • Identify enabling technologies, services, and markets
  • Select promising candidates through a comprehensive due diligence process
  • Support companies through the critical aspects of creating business opportunities

Investment Focus

Vesalius Ventures can address the unmet needs for the patient, physician, and payer on a global scale by investing in key enabling technologies.

Investment Criteria

Vesalius Ventures concentrates on early-mid stage companies that need both equity capital and management assistance to achieve success. Each prospective technology investment must meet the following investment criteria:

  • Address health care technology needs not yet met
  • Be a market leader
  • Maintain a strong proprietary technology position providing potential price and performance characteristics on a higher order of magnitude than existing technologies
  • Possess ability to joint venture with service and network partners
  • Market opportunity to exponentially return the investment through IPO or acquisition within five to seven years.

Investment Structure

Vesalius Ventures utilizes a model for supporting the critical aspects of creating business opportunities. First, the “venture capital (VC) accelerator” business model is a special vehicle that provides business development support to companies and entrepreneurs.

Second, the firm will actively identify funding sources to fund new ventures and provide support after the investment is made.
When a potential technological investment is identified, the management team at Vesalius performs due diligence, assessing the business for its strengths and weaknesses. The decision to invest is based on the established investment criteria.

Vesalius Ventures then supports the development and growth of the business. The firm helps select specific markets with large opportunities and cultivates the start-up team, business plan, product and market strategy. In addition, Vesalius provides infrastructure support when necessary, including office space, equipment, accounting and administrative support. The end goal is to create a profitable business that has sustainable growth and is ready for initial public offering (IPO) or corporate acquisition.